Flood and Water Damage Repair

Water can be extremely damaging to homes and their contents. Our infrared cameras can accurately map wet areas of your building and detect the heat signature of wet materials and shows hidden wet areas. IR photography provides immediate documentation as well as post remediation evidence of structural drying which speeds up your claims process. Along with the infrared inspection, we offer a number of water damage restoration services including:


• Commercial and residential water damage restoration

• Water damage cleanup due to plumbing accidents

• Water damage cleanup due to flooding

• Water damage cleanup due to sewage backups

• Flooded basement pumping and cleanup

• Wet carpet removal and restoration

• Mold remediation

• Mold removal

• Mold prevention

• Decontamination and sanitization service

• Infrared camera / thermal imaging inspection

• Complete drying of the structure


Not only will walls and floors need to be cleaned and disinfected, they may also need to be repaired. After a flood, carpets may need to be replaced, floorboards may be warped, paint and wallpaper may be blistered, electrical systems may have shorted out and many other problems may have occurred.  As fully comprehensive contractors, we have the expertise and resources to handle all your repairs.